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Insight Active Energy and Fault
Detection & Diagnostics

Closing the gap between design intent and performance can deliver up to 40% savings in energy usage


Over time the energy performance of a building can drift away from its design intent, resulting in excessive energy consumption and rising energy bills.  This typically occurs because


With Insight Active Energy Manager and Ezencis FDD (Fault Detection & Diagnosis) you can take back control of your building energy management and equipment maintenance, delivering a more efficient BAS.


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  • Improve building energy performance
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Reduce cost and carbon footprint
  • Reduce time spent on manual analysis
  • Maximize the return on existing investment in BAS equipment
  • Comply with legislation and standards
  • Simplify the management of a building portfolio across a wide geographical area
  • Leverage information from an existing BEMS installation
  • Low capital investment cost
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life and uptime
  • Improve occupancy comfort
Closing the gap can be achieved through targeted diagnosis, control, maintenance, and monitoring & analysis. 

1: Diagnosis

Identify energy usage patterns and wastage with Insight Active Energy Manager

Insight Active Energy Manager monitors and analyzes energy consumption and usage patterns.    Analysis of usage patterns can help identify where equipment may have been scheduled incorrectly, where set points have been inappropriately set e.g. temperatures set without taking into account external temperature, occupancy numbers, time of day etc., and may indicate where occupants are over riding the system, or highlight instances of inefficient use of equipment e.g. heating and cooling running simultaneously.  An alert of anomalies in performance are issued via the cloud to any internet enabled device, and as the information gathered is in real time (every 15 minutes) this provides the Facilities Management Team with the most current data allowing them to take immediate and effective corrective action. 

2: Control 

Ensure control strategies are appropriate and make adjustments 

Insight Control BAS: Insight controllers are uniquely freely programmable and offer enhanced flexibility, with a Insight controller you can remotely change the program once installed, allowing you to enter the most innovative strategies ensuring you have the most efficient strategy deployed. Insight controllers are designed to be FDD™ compliant.

3: Maintenance

Effective equipment maintenance to deliver energy efficient equipment 

FDD™ Fault Detection and Diagnostics from Ezenicsensures equipment faults are identified quickly, reducing maintenance costs and alleviating unnecessary stress on adjacent plant.  Ezenics FDD™ remotely collects and analyzes data points deep at the individual equipment level via Insight Controls BAS controllers.  When it detects a fault it issues a priority alert via the cloud enabling Facilities Management to react effectively to correct the fault.  

4: Monitoring and Analysis

Continuously monitor and analyze energy performance via Active Energy and equipment performance via FDD™ to maintain energy efficiencies and savings already made and to prevent any future building drift.  


Ezenics award winning Automated Fault Detection, Diagnostics, and Impact (AFDDI™) Module continuously analyzes facility data, identifying actionable energy, comfort, maintenance and system faults within organization’s HVAC, lighting, power meter, and refrigeration portfolios.  Faults can be prioritized and organized into actionable lists by comfort impact, the greatest financial impact, highest frequency of occurrence, severity, or most facilities affected.


Insight Active Energy Manager

Insight Active Energy Solution is an energy monitoring system that provides real time (every 15 minutes) information on the energy usage and consumption in a building.  The toolkit includes tools such as charting, analytics, alerts and flexible reporting, via simple and user-friendly interfaces. These tools allow the users to monitor energy performance in real time, to receive alerts when a buildings energy performance starts to drift and, most importantly, to take any required action. You can monitor performance at any time by accessing the Active Energy Manager on-line via any internet enabled device.  You can also monitor on the go with the Insight Active Energy smart phone application.